Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dinner Dating

Have you noticed how large of a role food plays our interactions with people? I'm consistently amazed at how many people talk, write, or suggest activities that revolve around food.

In our culture, food has become a hobby or activity.

This is especially true when it comes to dating.

It seems like most first dates are dinner, drinks, or coffee. I can handle coffee and dinners. In fact, I have dinner out down to a science and can order a grilled chicken salad like nobody's business ... when with friends. Drinks are a little tougher although I can muster a seltzer water with lime. Yippee. Yes, I lead a thrilling food life.

The truth is that I always feel so silly ordering those items when on a date. For some reason, I don't want the guy to think I'm "that girl" that doesn't eat "real" food.

Silly, right? Cause the reality is that "that girl" is really who I am now. Food isn't so much a part of my life anymore. I'm working to eat to live not living to eat which means that I'm viewing food not as my daily excitement but more as an obligation. I eat good food but I don't really think about it. It's becoming a habit instead of a hobby.

Another truth is that if a guy looks down on me for making healthy choices, he's probably not someone I'm going to want in my life long term. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, I will always be the girl that orders salad and seltzer water. I might have something else now and then when I'm on maintenance, but probably not too often.

So instead of viewing this as a bad thing, I'm attempting to turn it around and view it as a good thing. If I can find that guy that's looking for a salad eating, seltzer water drinking gal, then perhaps I'll have found the one!


  1. Great post! Its sooo true. It seems like whenever we have a girls night out, its planned around where we will eat and what we will snack on later and whats to drink etc. I like your "new" take on the date salad!

  2. Girl, I know exactly what you mean! I'm seeing someone new this weekend and I know he's going to want to go out to dinner and I'm dreadinnggggg that. I know what to order to maintain properly, but I'm like you...I don't want him to think I'm starving myself! (Although he probably realizes I'm not just by looking at me!) You are right about all activities revolving around food and I hate that! :)

  3. I think now that I am getting in touch with my feminine side (after denying it for a long time), I quite enjoy being a "dainty eater". I think many men would understand and would appreciate a woman who wants to be healthy.

    Good luck with the dating!

  4. I have been feeling this way all month. Because of the way I use to eat, people keep asking me whats wrong now that I don't chow down. :) Could it be that I don't want to feel like crap the rest of the night from the glucose overload in my blood stream?

    Keep up the good work! The right one is just waiting for you...and he might not even know it yet. :)


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