Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bigger is not Better

Has anyone else heard or seen the commercials for the new McDonalds Angus burgers? Truthfully, the ads kind of gross me out. My mouth doesn't start watering when they talk about 1/3 pound angus ground beef topped with cheese, garnish, oh and bacon ... cause ... well, I guess bacon makes everything better supposedly. No, instead of a watering mouth I start thinking of calories and heart attacks.

I find it amazing that our culture is so entirely focused on quantity and not quality. Supersize fries, mongo burgers, jumbo hotdogs ... what a trend.

The new Angus Bacon Cheese burger at McDonalds has 790 calories. In ONE burger! Eating that burger would almost equate to my entire calorie allotment for one day. Wow.

The sad thing is that last year at this time I probably wouldn't have given a second thought to these calories. I would have downed that burger, added in some fries, and then a "real" coke just 'cause. Of course, all in supersize!

As an aside, I do find it a bit ironic when people order such meals and then get a diet drink. Really? 'Cause saving 100 calories I guess is important if you're consuming 1000? Odd.

Anyway, I'm thankful to not be in the same place I was last year. I'd much rather eat my apples, tomato's, and chicken and be guilt free at the end of the meal. Eating all that supersized McDonalds food made me feel gross, slimy, and fat. I certainly don't miss those feelings and I feel badly for people that haven't gotten the message that when it comes to food intake, bigger really isn't better.

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  1. I know what you mean about feeling nasty after eating that stuff. I never made the correlation until recently that I feel really crappy when I eat a fast food meal. Who knew? :)


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