Monday, July 13, 2009

12 Mile Hike

I went on a 12 mile hike through the woods and didn't die. I didn't have a heart attack, my feet didn't hurt, my back wasn't aching, I could breath when I went up and down the big hills, and I finished the hike thinking I could have kept going for another couple miles.

Wow. That's pretty cool.

I used to get winded crossing the parking lot to get into the office. Going up a hill - even if it was just walking over a speed bump - meant instant sweating and sucking in air like it was going out of style.

And yet here I was crisscrossing through the woods with a smile on my face and easily breathing in the fresh air.

Knowing I could do this full 12 miles and not fall down in a heap of blisters, sweat, and broken muscles gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the summer. I see lots more scenic hikes in my future and am so looking forward to being active and strong this summer.

In the meantime, here are a few pics from the journey. I hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. OK, you win the prize for the longest hike this weekend!

    Lovely pictures and WELL DONE - I too love it that I can cope with long hikes now - it makes me want to hug every tree I see!

  2. That's awesome. Lovely scenery too!

  3. Love the pictures! So green and pretty where you are.

    12 miles is AWESOME!

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful pictures! :)

  5. Yep, you definitely do win the prize for the longest hike! Where did you go? You're in the Portland/Vancouverish area, aren't you? Way to go! Doesn't it feel good to get out and enjoy nature? :-)

  6. Laurie: Yes, I'm in the Portland area. The hike was to Hidden Falls which is a great trek on the Tarbell Trail outside of Battle Ground, WA. Very pretty area with some super nice views of Mt. St. Helen's when it's not foggy or raining. It's also not a really well known trail so there's not a lot of foot traffic. Even better!

    Everyone else: Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  7. This looks gorgeous! Let me know if you plan to return anytime soon, Wendy! I would love to do this one!


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