Thursday, June 25, 2009

Team Weight Loss Challenge Closure

The Team Weight Loss Challenge is officially over and I'm going to gush about it a bit.

What an incredible event! I can't believe (well I can but I'm amazed) that the participating teams lost almost 1200 pounds ... holy cow! Literally! Combined we all lost a whole cow! Incredible!

The winners were so deserving. The Big Hinnies consistently kicked big hinney throughout the challenge and the $1,000 truly deserved to line their much smaller pants pockets.

The participating teams were supportive of one another and, as Letha said, really made THW a community. The cheering, golf claps, and lifting up of one another that occurred weekly was and is inspirational.

I was so thankful to be part of this challenge. There were times when getting to the clinic on a Tuesday at lunch or after work seemed daunting. A time or two I wanted to skip because I knew Glenda would be saying "Up just a little" in front of a crowded room. But I kept coming back and each time, regardless of the number on the scale, I was thankful I did.

I went into this challenge thinking I would coast along and participate but not become too involved. I was nervous to stand in front of a crowded room and share my weight, I certainly didn't want anyone to know who I was let alone look at me while I weighed in, and I didn't have any thought that I'd win this thing.

When things started to take a different turn in my personal life, the weight loss took a back seat. Going to the weekly meetings helped keep me accountable. It encouraged me to stick with it and focus even in the midst of hard times. Knowing I was going to need to weigh in with others looking on, helped me at least maintain my weight. That, to me, was priceless. The weekly talks from Letha were also nice shot in the arm and I always left in a better frame of mind than when I entered the room.

Hearts and minds were changed during this challenge. Letha and Glenda were such great leaders. Their energy, talks, inspiration, motivation, and passion were the catalyst for life change. I so felt that in the room last night. The energy of all the teams packed together to celebrate each others successes was powerful. I left not just hoping we'd all successfully complete our goals, but knowing that we would. I'll also forever have burned in my mind "bobblehead Glenda". That too was completely priceless!

Personally, I reached two very big milestones as part of this challenge. I reached 100 pounds of weight loss (and so did three other people!) and I dipped below 200. Wow. How great to celebrate those victories with others that understand and relate to the struggle!

Some of us that participated in the challenge still aren't done with our personal journey just yet. I still have 38 pounds to go ... but I know that we can all succeed.

I'm glad that Letha was tough with us by setting high expectations for success in the coming weeks. She's right. We've proved we can do this. Now we need to see it through.

I'm so thankful to each of the teams for being so supportive and friendly and I look forward to seeing everyone at upcoming THW events (like the refresh class today).

I can't wait to see the changes we all make in our lives and our bodies! We are going to be the best looking bunch of losers in Clark County!


  1. Heather (Smallest Winners)June 25, 2009 at 8:12 AM

    ... and I am so excited about the union you & I formed! I can't think of anyone better I'd want on my Portland to Coast team! I am ecstatic that you took the invite! We will rock that challenge too, and come home with exceptional joy over the feats we've achieved this year.

    Fat Girl club sounds like such a distant memory........ Tee hee hee


    Onederland AND doing so well - woo-hoo!

    You look fabulous in your new photo too.

    Can't believe you still have 38 more to go, surely that is a misprint and you really mean 3.8?

  3. Heather: Yes the PTC will be awesome and I'm so glad we're doing it together. We'll have a blast!

    Fat[Free]Me: You are too kind! Thank you for saying that but yes, it's 38 more pounds ... :)


  4. You look beautiful in your new pic!! Sounds like a great group and wonderful support!

    38 pounds is within reach! I know with your determination you will reach it! You can do anything!


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