Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Tank Top Picture

Oh my goodness. I can't believe I'm about to post this pic for the world to see. I guess though that after admitting my weight to you all, showing my naked arms seems a lot less dramatic.

I generally reserve this torture for my neighbors only but I'm showing it here for a couple reasons.

1) It shows mental progress. I am still not embracing my bare arms per se, but hey, they made their debut and that is HUGE progress for me. Granted my riding mates, hikers, bikers, and some random birds were the only witnesses at the time. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

2) It shows physical progress. Riding up into the mountains as we did on Sunday wouldn't have been comfortable or fun for me 100-some-odd pounds ago. Not to mention how my poor horsey would have felt! But here we are, loving life, enjoying the view, and looking pretty darn good given where we've come from. Plus, I'm off my horse on the trail .... and I was able to get back on without a bench, stump, or ladder. Yes, I am still amazed by that fact!

So, here you go. Me, naked arms and all.

If you look really close you can see Mt. St. Helen's through my horse (Buttons) ears.

On another note, I looked up the calories expended while horse riding on LoseIt! app and it said that riding for 5 hours (as we did on Sunday) burns 1,317 calories. Wowza! Doing something I love and exercising at the same time. How cool is that?

Truthfully, I don't know how accurate that is ... but ... I'll take it! :)


  1. OMgosh I'm so happy that you friended my blog so I could find you. I love everything about your blog so far. :) I'm still not comfortable enough to start riding again but it is so empowering to see you not allowing the weight to hold you back! Maybe I will ride again this fall ... well I promised my mom that I would so I have to! Washington is beautiful, I have an older cousin who made a life there. Maybe someday I will too. :) Great to meet your blog and I'll be reading.

  2. It burns 1,317 for the horse, stupid. daughter's an equestrian so I know how much work riding really is.

    Nice pic, but technically you're just showing one arm. Maybe you're not as mentally tough as you think. ;)

  3. You are way tough enough! I think that has been proven already! You are so right about the mental progress. With out that progress, they are only numbers and they don't last!

  4. Congratulations on another milestone! Way to go, and what a great reward- a mountain trail ride with your sweetie, Buttons. That is fantastic! Since I started reading your blog I have only lost 5 pounds, which can be depressing (it's been over a month), but I figure if I keep on keeping on, I will get there eventually! Thanks for the encouraging updates.

  5. Oct, I'm so glad you stopped by! There's no reason you can't be riding again too! :)

    JSGF, It probably burns way more than that or the horse! All I know is that by the time I've ridden that long and hard, I'm famished! So I've gotta be burning calories, right? :)

    Hey, HarpsNW, Thanks for the encouraging words! You're right that numbers don't last ... 'cause they keep going down!!!!

    Doanz, hey, 5 pounds or 50 pounds, as long as the scale is going down, that's all that matters! Congrats on losing 5. That's GREAT! Keep me posted on your progress! You can reach your goal!!!!

  6. Heather R (Smallest Winners)June 5, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    The individual above who called you "stupid" needs a check up from the neck up.
    Don't allow that tape to EVER replay in your mind! Period.

    I am proud of you Wendy!
    And next time we see each other, I will show you that you aren't the only one with "arm" issues..... but they do shrink and improve with continued strength training, so don't give that up, my friend!


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