Monday, June 15, 2009

Sour Gummy Worm Gooey Goodness

I didn't used to really care for sour gummy worms. Give me a piece of chocolate and I was a happy camper. But gummy worms weren't exactly on my "treat" list back in the day.

It wasn't until I started at my current job and had to pass the vending machine (darn machine!) multiple times per day when I went to fill up my water that the gummy worms made an appearance in my "crave" cycle.

They seem to be the least of the evils haunting the vending machine that's otherwise filled with snickers, peanut butter cups, oreo cookies, frosted animal crackers, etc. That's probably why they are even on my radar at all. I guess my little brain doesn't want to be super off plan with a snickers but instead will settle for only-kinda-sorta-yet-yes-still-off-plan sour gummy worms.

Generally afternoons are the hardest time to resist the craving. That when my legs seem to have a will of their own and take me to stand and stare into the vending machine window. I can usually talk myself out of this whole idea but today ... wait for it ... I caved.

The sour gummy worms in hand, I raced back to my office quickly so that my walking partner Carrie wouldn't inadvertently spot the trouble I was about to indulge in.

Sitting at my desk, I cracked open the bag and took a wiff. Mmm... suuuuuugarrrrrr.... mmmmm...

I turned the bag over and my eyes flashed over the nutritional information. Weird. Did I just do that?

Servings per bag = 3. Calories per serving = 130. Sugar = 19 grams.


Oh a piece of good news! 3g of protein ... that's better than nothing, right?

Hmmm... I started to put this into perspective. To stay on plan, I'm only allotted approximately 1000 (give or take) calories per day. If I consumed this entire bag of gummy goodness, I'd gobble up over a 1/3 of my allotted calories for the day. In fact, this tiny bag has more calories than I work out in the gym during a 30 minute workout. That's shocking and oh-so-unfortunate.

Hmmm..... ok. So ... how worth it is this indulgence?

Am I hungry? Nope.

Am I truly in NEED of these gummy worms? No.

Then why in the world am I doing this to myself? No clue.

The saying "ignorance is bliss" is fitting here because once I really thought about the worthless calories I was about to consume, I suddenly wasn't so enticed.

I threw the sour gummy worms into the trash and poured water on them (no temptation later ... yes, sadly, the trash alone might not be deterrent enough).

I then cut out the nutritional information from the bag and posted it on the wall right above my computer screen. It would be a reminder that even the lesser of the vending machine evils was still evil to a dieter.


  1. Good for you. Less of evils = still evil.

    I've made even looking at vending machines a no-no.

  2. Big victory. So you only have 1000 calories or so a day? If you are losing on that little then I'm checking the "you might be eating too little" idea off my list of possible reasons for my stall.

  3. Oct, Yes, eating approx 1000 but the plan I'm on is very balanced which helps with the weight loss. If I consume more starch or sugar than what's on plan, I don't lose as much that week. It's a fine line but it works amazingly well. I've read somewhere (ugh! never remember where) that going below 900 calories isn't good. That's when your body starts storing instead of losing. Take that with a grain of salt though since I don't know when or where I read it! Ha! I do know that there is a point though where your body will hold onto the weight because it thinks it's starving and that's not good.

    I thought you were having good drops though?


  4. I love that you put water on the evil gummies! I do that too. Whatever it takes! Right?

  5. They look so innocent too! Bleddy vending machines at work - no fair!

    Well done on drowning the little blighters!

  6. Good for you - they are my weakness. I have switched to dark chocolate but i still crave sweets/candy - usually around TOM.

    I will have to try the drowning trick :o)

  7. Wow!! That's great! Good for you for not giving in and great idea about posting the nutrition contents.

    Thanks for the compliment on the
    C25K. Yes, it's really hard, but I take it really, really slow. Sometimes I feel like I am moving at a snail's pace, but at least I'm jogging. :)

  8. Remember the vending machine mantra.........
    Look deeply into the window of doom and chant...NO GOOD CAN COME OF many times as it takes!
    Loved your post!


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