Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Pants

Yesterday I tried on every single thing in my closet and dresser. I was on a mission. I wanted to clear out the things that no longer fit (cause I'd never be back in them), separate the things that "kinda" fit, and hang front and center the things that will fit in a few more pounds.

It was such a great project. I found a couple items I'd tucked back in my closet as the "will fits" that were now too big. As much as I hated giving up some cute, new-with-tags things, it was neat to know I'd gotten below what I'd once considered a goal.

On the other hand, although a pleasant surprise, it made me realize that I still have that distorted body image that most of us struggle with. So I pulled out a pair of jeans that I wore when I started this journey. They used to be skin tight at 300 pounds. I had to strain to button the pants.

I stepped into them and put BOTH of my legs into one leg of the pants.

I am literally 1/2 of the person I was. CRAZY!

I'm going to take a pic and post it here as it was quite amazing to see how big those darn jeans were. I used to think they were so cute and didn't even think twice about the size. Amazing that now they look so big to me!

Perhaps my body image will catch up with my new sizing at some point. In the meantime, I put those jeans back in the drawer and will bring them out each time I'm discouraged. Stepping into them is a great reminder of just how far I've come.


  1. I need to do some closet work myself. This morning I discovered a belt that I had outgrown. For f*ck's sake, how do you outgrow a belt and not take note of that sh*t? I mean, really...

    Wearing that belt proudly today.

  2. That is awesome!! :) Keep it up, girl!

  3. Heather (Smallest Winners)June 23, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    ME TOO!!!

    I had to do some serious re-organizing of the closet this weekend. And it became painfully obvious that I was in DIRE need of smaller pants....my jeans were falling off me while playing mini golf with Dad for Father's Day this weekend. I got more than a good chuckle out of it!
    I found some AMAZING clothing buys this weekend at my normal consignment shops (cried fitting into that small of a pant)....but also found ridiculously great deals at a place called "Stupid Prices" off of MillPlain. I had never heard of the joint but my girlfriend Kim told me she just bought Calvin Klein jeans there for $12 ... so I had to see if it was true. I walked away with 2 brand new pairs of jeans, capris and a new slender black dress for $40!!!
    I love celebrating being this kind of a loser! I'll take this ANY day!

  4. Man it must have been a closet kind of weekend. Sunday I sorted through the someday cloths and tried on a pair of shorts that six months ago left a large non clothed area where the zipper should close and 3 months ago took all my strength to button & zip and left a large mound of oh so NOT attractive stuff above the belt line and forget about sitting down cause breathing wasn't part of the outfit. Well Sunday I thought hey I will just give these babies a try and WAAALAA! They fit and I could breath! WAHHHOOOOOOO!! They feel oh so short I am not yet comfortable with the "naked" feeling but I pranced around yelling THEY FIT THEY FIT while my boyfriend watched in amazement. Next weekend it's a session with more of the someday cloths and away with the never again cloths.
    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!

  5. You've come a long way!! What an inspiration you are!! I just discovered your blog and love it! I have bookmarked it and will check back often.

  6. That is so awesome! I have one pair of jeans that I am going to save to remind me of how far I've come.
    Have fun with your "new" wardrobe!

  7. Saving at least one or two pieces of the "old clothes" is a HUGE deal! Believe me. Putting those pants on again and having them be so big was pretty darn incredible. We can look at pictures of ourselves and see the changes but putting on the old clothes gives it a whole new perspective.

    And, LivinWell, there's something really to be said about getting those shorts on. CONGRATS! That's great news. Good job! Next thing you know you'll be dancing around in them in public ... and breathing at the same time. :) How cool will that be?

  8. You have done so well - dying to see the picture!

  9. That's so cool! Yeah, I want to get rid of a lot of my old clothes but I will definitely be saving some to remind myself where I've come from.


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