Thursday, June 25, 2009

A New Size

I preface this post by saying that I'm not "officially" a size 10 although as stated earlier I've no clue what makes one size official vs not official or whatever.

Anyhoo ... yesterday I decided to give myself a little mini shopping trip post the major closet cleaning last weekend. I'm in such major need of jeans it's not even funny. I think I have one pair that's two sizes too big. I have to cinch them up with a belt and still end up pulling them up pretty consistently. Every time I wear them, I feel frumpy and feeling frumpy isn't ok anymore. I know I deserve to look and feel good about myself so it was time to remedy the jean situation with a little retail therapy.

I wandered into Macy's and started poking around the various departments.

As an aside, to someone that used to only be able to shop at one big girl store with limited options, Macy's is quite overwhelming. Holy cow. There are like a million different sections of clothes! What a complete blast. I felt like I was on cloud nine as I wandered through knowing that a lot of the clothes in there would fit me now. What an accomplishment! I don't think I'll get used to that for awhile and frankly, it's kinda nice to relish in it a bit. It's a good reminder that I don't need to sheepishly dart into the store to buy my clothes 'cause I don't want anyone to see me buying big girl clothes. I can shop with my head held high.

Anyway, I made my way over to the jeans, pulled out about 7 or 8 pairs ranging in sizes 14 - 10. I figured I'd fall somewhere in the middle for most styles.

I tried on the first pair. A size 10 DKNY dark wash jean. No spandex (I double and triple checked). THEY FIT! Oh my gosh. I was literally beside myself.

From the dressing room, I dialed The Healthy Weigh and in breathless abandon related my current adventure. I had to share with someone that would understand and I knew Letha and Glenda would celebrate this victory with me which they did. Of course the jeans were spendy ($78 ... eeeeekk!!!) but I was so buying them! They were a SIZE 10 and my butt looked darn cute in them too! :)

I'm not sure why each time I successfully go down a size I'm shocked ... but I am. It's almost like I forget that I am and still can lose this weight. Like yes, I really can and will be an size 8 at the end of this whole thing.

I realized the other day that I only have 38 (point something) more pounds to go. Wow. I had that 50 stuck in my head and saying 50 more pounds to go makes the end seem a loooooong way off. But saying 38 seems like a drop in the bucket. I see the end in sight. It's right in front of me. I can almost reach out and touch it.

Focus, determination, resolve, and fierce conviction are driving me forward at this point.

Oh, and gettng into my new-cute-size-10-kick-butt (a good lookin' butt I might add) jeans are pretty darn good incentive too!

Watch out people! My goal is in sight!


  1. You look AMAZING in that dress!! Wow and WOW. Congrats on the size change. That is so exciting and motivating! I don't know if my 5'10 self will ever be a size 10, but I look darn good as a 12/13. And YAY for 195! I am not bitter that I am still hovering at :) I will get there though!!

    Thanks for posting pics!


  2. As Always Wendy, you make my Day!!!

    Thank you,

  3. That is incredible! Keep saying "38..then 37...then...", girlie! You can do it!


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