Monday, June 8, 2009

Lickin' the Plate

Have you ever wished that licking the plate after a tasty morsel was a socially acceptable behavior?

I have.

Generally this thought whips into my mind right after I take my last bite of something super scrumptious. In this particular case, a spinach salad with nonfat ranch dressing and spicy grilled chicken.

I let myself get too hungry and, as I reach the end of my chicken salad, I'm not feeling full and satisfied which makes me want to lick the plate and continue my meal.

It's an odd thing really. On The Healthy Weigh plan and with distributing my food through the day, I hardly ever feel either extremely hungry or extremely full.

The latter was hard to get used to. I used to equate full to satisfied and thus I ate every meal until I was overly full. Like so full I'd waddle away from the restaurant. This meant I would have seconds, thirds, and fourths to fill my tummy. Of course, eating so much just made me feel sluggish. Yes, I was very fond of naps.

Now I eat in serving sizes which generally works out pretty well except on days like today where hunger seems to have gotten the best of me. I can't seem to jump in front of the hunger either.

So, I'm sitting here having finished my salad and still with a rumbly in my tumbly and thinking that licking the salad plate really would be tastey just to down a few more "on plan" calories to quiet the rumblings.

I'm resisting the urge though. Even though I have my own office, people occasionally walk by to another destination and I think it might sully my reputation if another adult were to see such behavior. Probably not the best impression to be giving my relatively new coworkers.

In the meantime, I'm off to fill my water bottle. Drinking H20 seems to be a much more socially acceptable behavior!


  1. I've always been a fast eater, and I think I just motored past "full" way too often. Slowing down has really helped me recognize when my body is done refueling. I can now leave food on a plate without remorse.

  2. It's great you can leave food on the plate.... I'm not quite there but hope to be one of these days. You're so right though that slowing down makes a big difference in terms of quantity of food consumed. I seem to get full faster if I slow down. Or, perhaps it's just that, like you said, I recognize that full feeling instead of just ignoring it.

  3. I wish it were socially acceptable to lick the plate clean! My dogs do it and no one complains...why not me?

  4. This just happened to me last night! I was so weirded out by feeling hungry after eating dinner! Wha? Hungry? I just ATE!! I did cave and had a very satisfying serving of yogurt with my new favourite Kashi Crunch cereal in it. Totally fine after that! Today I've noticed the hunger more too. I already ate my carrots and cucumber snack and drank most of my water. Eeeep! Good for you for just drinking more water. Let's work on the "it's ok to lick the plate" revolution!

  5. I generally run my finger through what's left in the bowl after I eat my low carb ice cream. I can't help it! But I'm always at home when I eat that, so I don't have to worry about being socially unacceptable. :D


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