Monday, June 1, 2009

Cool Tool for the iPhone

A client at The Healthy Weigh filled me in on a nifty little tool for the iPhone that helps track calories and exercise, etc. I know The Healthy Weigh gives us cool papers to write everything down on, but if you're like me, my iPhone goes EVERYWHERE with me while my journal might not. Plus, putting stuff into the iPhone is just darn cool!

The app is called LoseIt! by FitNow (the icon is an orange scale) and it's FREE!

I've been using it for a couple days now and it's great. Almost all the foods I eat have been in the database and if they're not I can input the information so it's there for future use. It also has info on restaurants, recipes, etc. and I can easily add foods that I routinely eat by going to a section called My Foods ... this last tidbit sure does save a lot of search time!

Another cool trick, on the "...more" option at the bottom of the screen, you can select "Nutrient Preferences". From there, you can turn on the nutrient information display so that it will give you information on your intake of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carb, fiber, and protein.

I can input my exercise amounts as well and it will tell me approximately how many calories I've burned. Kind of puts it all in perspective when I go walk at a brisk pace for an hour and only burn 275 calories! That doesn't seem like very much for that much energy and sweat expended!!!

But anyway, I digress.

I'm sure there are similar apps for other phones so take a peek around and see what you might find. You might be surprised at the tools that are right at your fingertips for free!

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  1. Cool. Need to check this out.


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