Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clothing Size Rant

If I had one wish at the moment, I would wish that all clothing designers in the world could get into a room together and agree upon the measurements for various sizes.

Ok, if I had two wishes cause my first wish would be to be super hot and at my goal weight already but my second wish would totally be to have all sizes be uniform.

I know that we all have different body shapes and whatnot but, a size 12 should always be a size 12. A size 14 always a size 14, etc. Adjustments could be made in certain areas but perhaps there needs to be some warning as to where those adjustments are.

I just had a little mini shopping trip (thank goodness for payday!) and was so annoyed at the fit of various things. The waist on one pair of size 12's was super tight while on another it was loose and the thighs were tight. I even tried on two identical pairs of jeans (same brand, same size, same color, same fit) and yet they fit totally differently when I tried them on!


So am I a size 12 or am I not a size 12? I mean, how does one judge such things? It's so confusing.

At 300 pounds I wasn't too concerned with fit. If I could get it on and it didn't show every bump, lump, and hump, I would buy it. Nothing was truly flattering. In fact, I hardly ever tried things on before I bought them. I would fly into Lane Bryant, pick things off the shelf that looked loose and big, and would go home to try them on. Why depress myself in public when I could do it in the privacy of my own home and with easy access to the fridge to ease the pain afterwards?

Now though, I know what I want to hide and what's ok to show so I'm a bit more particular about my clothing choices. I do try everything on and I'm finding that I absolutely have to do that in order to make wise choices.

My shopping trips take way longer these days but on the upside, I'm finally buying cute clothes! The clothes I would look at and "wish" I could buy back in the day are now adorning my closet.

No more speedy Lane Bryant trips for me! I'm shopping at normal gal stores and even though not every size 12 is a true size 12, I'm still loving every minute of it!


  1. It's funny how shopping becomes an entirely different experience when you don't hate the way you look.

  2. Come over here to the UK - your size 14s would be 12s, lol! I do agree with you though, they are too inconsistent.

    Buying larger sizes seemed easier somehow.

    Still, I am glad you are buying cute clothes now though!

  3. erm, I mean your size 12s would be 14s. Seems like it is time for me to go to bed, I think!

  4. Good for you! Wear those new clothes with pride- you have accomplished so much, and there's even better times to come. :)


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