Thursday, May 28, 2009

Workin' Hard

So last night I had my workout with Madison and it was good!

After five days off from the gym and a head cold, I thought I'd be dyin' and unable to complete much of a workout. In fact, I almost thought about cancelling (gasp).

I found though that once I got started, I felt better. Granted I'm at the tail end of my cold. I don't think I'd want to work out when my nose is all stuffy and icky. That stresses me out just thinking about it! But working out at the tail end wasn't a bad thing after all.

I gotta tell ya though, I have a new "I hate that" exercise ... crab walks. I'm not sure who thought those were a good idea but it's probably the same idiot that dreamed up burpees and planks.

As I was doing my second set of crab walks, the trainer saw how much I was struggling (ok and I was complaining a lot too) and said I didn't need to finish out the second set.

When she said that, I was really taken back! For an instant I thought, yeah, I have permission to quit so I should 'cause these things suck! Then I thought about it again.

The reality is that it's not my trainer's job to push me to continue doing something I don't like. She doesn't have to live in my body. She's not responsible for my success or failure in the gym. She leaves the building and is still her cute, perky self in a petite, small, in-shape body.

I'm the one that has to look at my flab in the mirror. I have to live in my skin. I have to walk out of the gym and know I didn't work out to my full potential. I have to push myself to go further, harder, faster, longer. It's me that's in this skin and therefore I have to take responsibility and push myself.

So I did.

I completed my second set of crab walks and was pretty darn proud of doing them. I might even have patted myself on my own darn back had my arms not been jelly.

I walked out of the gym thinking that I had done good and accomplished something cool ... I probably looked like a big dork but the fact that I finished the task is what's important.


  1. Hey Wendy you should be so proud of yourself! You certainly inspire me to take better care of me. I am working on Julie Goodnight's 5 lb challenge with a goal of 25 lbs to lose and but more importantly to get healthier and fit.


  2. Hi, Brenda: Thanks for stopping by! 25 pounds is doable but getting healthier and more fit is the true reward. It's amazing how much getting fit helps with riding and finding balance.

    I wish I would have realized that years ago because I probably would have lost this weight sooner. All well. At least it's coming off now and boy are my horses happier! I bet yours will be too!

    Keep me posted on your progres!

  3. And THAT, my friend Wendy, is Red Zone Living! That is the kind of perseverance that will now forever define you!


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