Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Did everyone make it to the Git 'R Dun class last week? It was great, I thought.

For me it was a good reminder that although eating healthy is a way of life, dieting doesn't have to be! I still have quite a few pounds to go, that was a very necessary reminder that if I buckle down and focus, I can go back to living a more normal life (one that includes more starch - yippee!) eventually.

I did struggle with the visualization portion of the class though. When Letha asked us to imagine our future selves walking toward us, I didn't have a clear picture as to what my future self really could be. It was interesting that when she asked us to do that, I saw the me I am right now reflected back at me.

Although it's good I'm getting happier with who I am now and that I'm doing the things I never thought I would be (hiking, getting up and down off my horse with ease, etc.), I'm sure there are things now that I don't even know I could do with another 40 - 50 pounds off my body.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I've yet to commit to doing it so, my mission (should I choose to accept it) is to write all of those things down and put together a picture of my future self.

One of the things on the list is to get on my horse bareback without a bench or stool or step. Phewie! That's a doozey in and of itself since besides being chunky ... I'm also short! But, if I could do it when I was young, surely I could do it skinny and ... um ... ahem ... slightly older.

What would I look like if I were a size 8?

Could I even dare to think of becoming a jogger? Could I jog three, four, five miles?

Hmmm... so much to consider and I'd better get cracking! The end is in sight and it's time to buckle down and Git 'R Dun!


  1. Gotta admit, it was pretty darn cool when the small was as big as it was! I love it! :)


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