Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update on the numbers

I'm down to 209 which is just 2 pounds shy of my 100 pound mark.

As I posted previously, I'm so anxious to get to 100! And right after I hit 100 I'll be setting myself up for new numbers ... down below 200 pounds for the first time in years.

Being 2 pounds short of the 100 pound mark is actually quite annoying! On the one hand I'm excited I had a four pound loss in one week. On the other hand, wouldn't it have been nice if the drop was six pounds and be at the 100 pound reward???? I mean, come on darn body! Let's get it together and get it done already!

Yes ... yes .... you're right. I need to practice patience.

And this is most definitely a lesson for me in patience. The last three weeks have been up, down, all around and sideways. I've been up 1.6 then down 1.6 then nothing and now down 4. Let me tell ya, I much prefer the going down part!

I really think my body is staging a revolt because I've kicked the exercise up a notch. I'm now walking and/or jogging at least 5x's per week, strength training 3x's per week, and adding in a hike or bike and horse ride when possible on the weekends. That's a lot of working out for someone that doesn't like to sweat!

Even though I've had a couple tough weeks in terms of the numbers, I don't plan to stop the workouts. It's tempting, but I like that I'm reshaping my body at the same time as losing the weight.

Here's something neat ... Did you know I have a muscle in my leg? I mean, really, it used to be hard to tell. Now it kinda sorta pops out when I flex it. Coooooooooool. See, workin' out is doing good stuff for me even if the pounds aren't coming off quite as quickly as I'd like!

So, I think I'll chill out on the 100 pound stress and just let my body do what it's going to do. I'm eating the right foods in the right amounts and expending the right amount of energy so that means I should be setting myself up for success.

I'm going to trust that's the truth and stop stressing!


  1. You're so funny "I have a muscle in my leg" :-) Reminded me of grandma saying, "I have a bone in my leg."

    Working out is probably slowing down the weight loss but I would imagine that would be temporary and soon you'll see a pay off. I know your patience is that of...well..nonresistant,but you CAN do this! 2 lbs and you'll reach 100, that is AMAZING! I predict you'll see it very soon!! Hang in there. The pay off is coming.

  2. opps, misspelled...I meant to type non-existent!

  3. Wendy,

    Great blogs, insightful thoughts, struggles and achievements!

    I really want to celebrate that 100 pound weight loss with you, maybe it will be tonight!

    Remember that your change is happening and you are inspiring many of us women out here on this weight loss journey, go girl, go!

  4. Cheryl, yes, "bone in my leg". Ha! I had completely forgotten about that. I remember when she'd say that I'd think "Wow, it must suck to get old if you have to have a bone in your leg." Hahaha! Fun times.

    And Jane, thanks for your comment and support! I didn't hit 100 last night ... but it's gonna happen REALLY soon! Two pounds will come off eventually and I look forward to celebrating with everyone when it does happen! See you at THW soon!

  5. I haven't been on the site since last week. I am reading through the postings and low and behold I read exactly the right thing. Exercising my hiney off, eating well and scale I'm up! Stupid scale!!I was so dreading going to the front of the room last night and having a gain. Should I be ill, fall down claiming Swine flu or whatever else stupid excuse comes to mind? NO!! Stinkin thoughts aren't welcome in my head anymore. Glenda was kind and called out Zero rather than "up a tad". God bless her! I know my pants are fitting looser and the scale has to take a dip eventually. I let it trip me up last week but back on track the very next day. I'll keep sweatin and eating to be well and trust the process....although grudgingly I must admit. Tonight when I'm all in and the trainer says 10 more reps I'll think about my vision of running down the beach, light, lean and free with the wind in my hair and yelling at the top of my lungs....I"M ALIVE FREE and LOVIN LIFE! Wow I feel better just writing that down! Thanks for the posting and encouragement. Here's to keeping the mind right and banishing the old crap!

  6. Patty: Oh my gosh! Your comment had me laughing so hard! I can just imagine using the swine flu excuse right now just so that we don't have to weigh in on our low days! Ha! Good one!

    It is amazing what exercise can do to mess with our bodies! In a good way, but still! How unfair, right? That's what I've been saying all week but to see a big drop made it all worth it. I'm sure that will happen for you too. Letha's comments about staying the course really ring true for us this week for sure, right?

    Like you said though, keeping that mental pic in front of you of where you want to be at the end of this whole thing will help too.

    My newest inspiration outfit is a tank top and shorts ... seeing that hanging on my closet helps me stay motiviated too because I can't cut out the exercise and think I can wear that stuff well! :)

    Anyway, thanks for making me laugh this afternoon! That was great.



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