Friday, May 15, 2009

Teeny Tiny Trainer

I signed up with Madison at Anytime Fitness and I've really enjoyed working with her over the last couple weeks.

I've gotta say though, she's the size of a flea. I say that with all due respect because I'm sure she works hard at being that tiny and in shape.

Frankly, seeing her do the exercises with such ease is actually quite motivating. She pops up and down on the push-ups like they are no effort at all. I'm sure she could do squats for days without screaming in pain like I do after 10 seconds. And she (most likely) could run for hours on the treadmill without breaking a sweat. I run for five seconds and need to wring out my shirt.

She's great at pushing us to work harder, squat longer, step higher, and go faster.

I have no thought that I'll be as teeny tiny as her, but, all this working out is helping me tone and reshape my body. I've noticed that my stomach doesn't stick out quite so much, there is a well defined muscle in my thigh, and the flab in my arms doesn't swing back and forth when I wave.

It's all starting to come together a little bit at a time.

What I would like to see is that these exercises become easier and easier. I would like to be able to do my push-ups without shaking, squat without getting angry and perhaps, just maybe, be able to do a sit-up without assistance. Yes, embarrassingly enough, I can't do a complete sit-up right now.

I never ever would have thought I'd become a gym rat but perhaps I just might be one after all. I mean, I'm walking in that darn gym and jumping on machines like I actually know what I'm doing! Of course, I also have a good trainer giving me good instruction on how to do things first.

In fact, this is getting added to the "Couldn't Wouldn't" list. Because 100 pounds ago I never would have walked into a gym, gotten on a treadmill in front of other people, or attempted planks, burpees, inch worms, and pull-ups in public.

I'm really excited that Madison is helping me reach further than I thought I'd reach. That's going to be key in helping me reach my goal.

I hope you have a workout partner or trainer that can push you too. It doesn't matter if it's a personal trainer, friend, or DVD trainer ... it's all good as long as they're inspiring you to go harder and accomplish your goals like Madison is doing for me.


  1. Awesome work, Wendy! Keep that faith!
    I too, once really struggled with things at the gym that other people made look like a piece of cake. Having had a history of exercise induced asthma growing up and being very overweight, I struggled with even walking a fast pace on the treadmill for more than 20 minutes....never mind entertaining the thought of adding weights. But slowly and surely: over time improvements will come and all of a sudden one day you'll look back and say "did I really just do that? Oh my gosh! I did! I did it - not someone else: ME!!" That's when you get reminded over and over again, we are all rockstars inside - we just severely underestimate ourselves!
    I had one of those "OH MY GOSH" moments this last week when I ran 10 consecutive miles at a local track (which included running stairs - OW!)!! I beat my own personal best of a previous 7 miles by a long shot. I couldn't believe it myself! By the time I was finished, I could hardly walk and my mind was begging me to shed a few tears.... but I couldn't help but smile instead. I had just defied the odds that my own mind had set for years. Oh believe you me, there is NO freedom like it! None!

  2. That's great, Heather!

    10 miles .. wow ... that's amazing. I love it! It is so inspiring to see our own bodies change, isn't it? What better motiviation do we need than being able to compare our new selves to our old selves.

    Keep up the great work! That's so cool!

  3. Awesome feeling in going past once I once thought impossible!! I totally get what both of your are saying. I did 4 sets of chest presses with 12.5 pound dumbells and 4 sets of 45 second planks on Sunday plus more of everything else than I had done previously. Shaking, panting, sweating ect all the way. A year ago I could to maybe 5 lbs max and planks....forgetaboutit!! It is so empowering to know that I am getting stronger every workout. Sweaty, painful, all I can do workouts but when I'm done my trainer and I do the old fashioned hi 5 not that new knuckle thing. : - } Wendy are you considering the Anytime challenge that starts this next week? It overlaps with HW a bit but I am doing it to continue on and not lose momentum. You can traing with Madison at vanmall or Nate downtown. I trained with Nate previously and totally love him so that is what I am doing. It would be awesome to have you part of it too.
    Heather!!!!! Holy cow girl 10 MILES!! and STAIRS!! Your a machine girl!! Marathons in your future for sure. It so motivates me hearing your stories!! I went insane Friday and Sat and ate everything that didn't run faster than I did. ARggggggg!! Past is Past and onward I go planning to succeed and not keep reliving the insanity. Guess that is why they call it a journey!
    Here's to strenth we never knew we had!! Keep sweating....cause good things will come of it.


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