Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spreading Out the Food

I really like to eat. I don't necessarily like to cook, but consuming the food is something I'm really good at.

So over the course of my weight loss, I've tried to spread my eating out as much as possible so that I get more opportunities to consume. Ok, and I heard that it helps your digestion and metabolism to eat six or so small meals instead of three large ones.

I start out with a pretty hefty breakfast because, again, I read "somewhere" that it's the best way to kick my metabolism into high gear for the rest of the day. I also don't like to start the day hungry. Hunger is one of those things I want to get a jump on. If I get too hungry then I'll eat too much so best just to avoid that feeling to start with.

Anyway, after my breakfast around 6ish, I grab a snack around 10. Then lunch at 1 after my workout and another snack around 4. Finally, I cap off my day with dinner at 6. The goal being that all my food is eaten by 7 so that my body has time to process it before bed.

Weekends can be a little tough as generally there are other things going on and the time routine gets broken a bit but I still try to stick pretty closely to this methodalogy.

So far it's worked pretty well. I can get a jump on my hunger, eat throughout the day, and feel pretty darn good about my eating.

How do you guys manage your eating? Do you spread out food? Or eat fewer, bigger meals? What's helped you be successful thus far?


  1. This can be tricky, especially for people like me, who work night shifts. Mine happen to be 12 hour nights...some of you out there work 8's...doesn't matter. Either way, you know just how challenging it can be at times to keep your eating intervals regular, your motivation high, and temptations held at bay when you are working to keep your body awake at a time when it reminds you hourly that you should be in bed!! If even one of you out there in the challenge works an odd schedule, know that you are not alone. I feel ya! I often times am having to plan the next day and a half of food at one time....since I straddle two days before my head gets to hit the pillow again. I've had to learn fine tuning for me....but here's one tip I will share. Find a combination of foods that you like and graze on them in smaller amounts. For instance, I have become a huge fan of mixing one serving of blueberries (Costco freezer section) with one serving of cottage cheese and a lemon yogurt. There is a symphony of flavors that hit my palate at the same time...and it is so protein rich that I can often split this out into 2 or 3 meals. It is a life saver to eat 2 to 3 spoonfuls of this mixture prior to a big workout in order to boost my metabolism and not struggle with hunger while burning calories. Then I come home and finish off the rest of it!
    Don't get stuck in the rut of eating your veggies, protein, fruits etc seperately. Discover recipes that combine several ingredients and then "graze on them".
    Another favorite of mine is taking already grilled white fish or chicken (marinated in Paul Newman's lowfat sesame ginger dressing), crumbled up over 2 cups broccoli slaw and a pre-packaged cup of "No sugar Added" mandarin orange slices, tossed or sprayed with just a tad of lowfat/low calorie dressing. Another cool recipe to split up within the day.
    Want other ideas? Come hunt me down at the clinic....

  2. Thanks for the tips, Heather! And the recipes! Yummy. I'm going to try them. They sound great! I'm always on the hunt for new "on plan" recipe options. I tend to get in a rut and although that helps me stay on plan, it doesn't keep me very excited about the food I eat. Then the temptations to go off plan seem to rear their ugly heads more often. Hate that. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


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