Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shorts? In Public? No way!

Yes, folks, I actually decided to don shorts in public. This is probably the most shocking of all shockers I've yet revealed on this blog.

I can't even remember the last time I braved a public viewing of my bare legs. I generally reserve this kind of torture for the dogs at home. Frankly, I think the site of my legs is one of the reasons why my Lhasa Apso went blind ... but that's a whole different post.

With the nice weather this weekend, I was inspired to break outside of my box. After all, I was a size 12 ... people that are size 12's wear shorts, don't they? I mean, it's a normal thing to do, right? So, am I "normal" yet?

With all of this swimming in my head, this morning I shaved my legs (thank goodness, right?) and prepped them for their world-debut. I then made a trek to Fred Meyer to find the right shorts because I didn't have any of "those things" in my house.

I grabbed a couple pairs keeping in mind I wanted something I could eventually wear hiking and set off for the dressing room.

Slipping on the first pair, I was pleasantly surprised. Hey, my legs didn't look horrible! I mean, they weren't perfect, but, after seeing them in shorts, I didn't think they would scare anyone blind.

Perhaps I was safe to venture out after all! I went home, changed into the shorts, and then prepare for my first outing in public in my new attire.

When I got to my destination, I hesitated before getting out of the truck. I just knew someone would fall over dead when I stepped out and showcased my legs. I very sheepishly started getting out of the truck - first one leg (no one screamed) and then the second leg (no one fainted) until I was fully in the public eye.

That's when I decided to own it!

I was wearing shorts and showing off legs that I'd been working hard to build. After all, I had a muscle in my leg now! It was visible, like people might see it and stuff! Why was I hiding and being fearful?

So I confidently strode into the grocery store in my shorts thinking all the while that I was a rock star for stepping outside of my box and changing a negative thought about myself.

After that little episode, I think I'm unstoppable! Will tank tops be next? Hmmm....


  1. OMG! I was laughing all the way through your post! Good for you. This is great news! It must feel liberating, empowering, and all those other feel good words! One step in front of the other....right???


  2. Oh my goodness you are funny! I was totally laughing out loud! Don't we ALL have shorts issues!!!! Yes! :-) I loved the comment about puppy going blind. Too funny!!! Good for you venturing out and finding a new confidence. You've worked hard for that leg muscle, show it off girl!!!

  3. You need a "I love 100lbs" picture up on here!!!!

  4. I meant...."I lost a 100lbs!" we certainly don't "love" the hundred pounds. Good God, I need to proof read!

  5. Heather R (Smallest Winners)May 17, 2009 at 5:12 PM

    Absolutely tank tops come next!!! You are a rockstar!

    Wendy, I know I mentioned this to you last week, but wanted to post a comment regarding clothing on here so that other people can see it. If any of you struggle with the cost of replacing clothing as you widdle down the inches, do not be afraid to try consignment shopping. There are some really reputable places here in Vancouver. Spanky's on Millplain has Men/Womens/Childrens. My personal fav is Deja Vu off of McGilavry/164th (women's only) as well as the chain "Here We Go Again" in Portland - Macadam or Hollywood Dist locations. These companies take pride in accepting well cared for clothing and it is MUCH cheaper than having to buy brand new retail. I would not have survived replacing 7 clothing sizes up to this point if I had had to pay full price along the way. The neat benefit, too, is that you can turn around and make money off of the clothes you don't want anymore!
    Shopping at these stores is like an adventure: I just never know when I'll come across another Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, White House Black Market, Nike, Banana Republic item (etc) with brand new tags on it! Seriously, check it out! Feel free to snag me at any of the competition weigh-ins if you guys have questions. Would love to help!


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