Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Hardest Pound

It was a tough weekend for me emotionally and physically.

It was my grandpa's memorial service and lots of family was in town which meant, of course, lots of food and no real schedule.

I was bound and determined to make it through the weekend without the scale jumping up. As hard as it was going to be to be on plan, I knew that if I accomplished it, I'd feel powerful and successful when I came through the other side.

I planned as much as I could by stuffing my purse with extra fruit, protein, and "on plan" snacks so that when I was tempted, I could reach for something healthy instead.

I can't even begin to tell you how many cinnamon swirl cakes, fudge brownies, chocolate chip cookies, mashed potatoes, glasses of wine, etc. etc. etc. that I passed up over the course of the last five days. Food was everywhere, sitting out on counters just beckoning me every time I walked by the kitchen.

It would have been so easy for me to accept the many offers. In fact, many times it would have been easier to accept and fit in with the rest of the family rather than pass it up and stand out like a sore thumb ... the only one not indulging. Or at least that's how I felt.

As an aside, it truly is amazing how much food is a part of these events. It's talked about and/or thought about around every corner. For someone that's making a shift to eat to live (not living to eat) this was quite an eye opener into my old life. The old me would have joined the family and been eating from the time I stumbled out of bed until the time I stumbled back into bed.

Anyway, I feel like I fought so hard for each ounce of the 1.8 pounds that I lost this week. With each decision to be true to myself, I kicked another ounce off my body despite it's protests ... and believe me, there was TONS of protesting!

But I did find that each time I made that decision to stay on plan, the next decision was just a smidgy easier. I mean, I went to Olive Garden and ate grilled chicken for god sakes ... that's a HUGE step people! In my old life I was so addicted to starch that there was no way in a million years I would have even given the grilled chicken a second thought. This time, I made a beeline for the grilled chicken and didn't even give a second thought to the pasta.

Yesterday when I was at the zoo with my amazing nieces and nephews, they all chowed down on hot dogs and pizza and, without too much of a battle (just a small one when I saw the peperoni pizza), I took out my apple and rice cakes and chowed down right along with them.

I fought for this pound. I fought hard. And boy am I pooped!

My schedule is returning back to normal today. As sad as I am to say goodbye to family, looking forward to only being tempted to go off plan occasionally instead of continuously.

Gotta tell you though, after having successfully made it through so much temptation, somehow the vending machine seems so much less intimidating.

Seriously, I made it through the Olive Garden and the zoo ... I can make it through anything!


  1. proud of you Wendy!

    This battle is won by the persistent; no one ever promised us it would be easy....but isn't it funny how we assumed in the beginning that "it would be easy as long as I stick to the program". We have instead discovered that the journey is hard; but the successes along the way SO worth the effort .....and thankfully the Lord has provided us "help mates" along this path. We are not alone. YOU are not alone. And we (I think I speak for all the team challenge participants) applaud you. I will repeat for you one more time the quote I posted on FB a few weeks ago by Beth Moore: "Our promised lands are characterized by the presence of victory, not the absence of opposition"
    My humble opinion: way to go in telling the opposition where it could shove it. You are living victory this week because of it! You can do anything!

  2. Thanks, Heather! I really like that quote. It's a great one. Victory is only as sweet as the opposition we overcome, right? Guess that makes mine pretty darn sweet and sugary! :)

  3. I am BEYOND proud of you!!!! Not only did you have chicken at Olive Garden, but you didn't have even ONE bread stick!!!! AND at the zoo you didn't have ANY "Zoo Food/Fair Food" Oh my that is will power!!!!! Your family pulled no punches as we talked about food and ate food and simply went about our lives as normal and you stayed steadfast and stuck to all your goals and plans. I was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of you!! If you can do it through that week you can do this no matter what!!!!!!!

  4. Cheryl, you're so sweet! I gotta admit, those darn breadsticks were torture! But, as someone else said regarding a vending machine, I knew no good would come of them!

    Anyway, it means a lot to have your support!


  5. By the way, regarding the breadsticks, Letha's last talk also really helped. If we're losing we are only supposed to eat two starches per day. At the Git R Done talk she said (very specifically I might add) that one Olive Garden breadstick was equal to five or six servings of starch. Eeek!!!! That's a lot!

    So in the past I would have substituted one breadstick for one starch ... but ... yeah ... not this time! Thank goodness I went to that little refresh class or it woulda been trouble on the scale!


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