Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Eye on the Scale

Do you have a scale at home?

When I was 300 pounds I certainly didn't want to step on something that would remind me of my weight. A friend once told me she owned a talking scale and I was mortified that such a thing existed. I could just imagine that if I stepped on her scale the voice would scream (at a very high decibel level) "OH MY GOSH! GET THE FAT CHICK OFF ME! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" So, not only would I then have to know my weight (shudder) but everyone within a 20 mile radius would know as well. Hello! That would be devastating!

Frankly, I don't even think skinny girls would think a talking scale was a good idea. My friend must have been a little nutty ... I love her ... but I don't know about that whole thing.

It threw me for a loop though and, since I liked keep my head in the sand, I concluded that talking or not, it was best to steer clear of any and all measuring devices.

I still have an aversion to the scale even though the numbers are going down ... most of the time.
Now I worry that having a scale in my house would mean that I'd be weighing first thing in the morning, right after I showered, before I did my hair, after I added make-up, when I got home from work, right before I went to bed, right after my midnight potty break ... yes, you get the picture. I'd be weighing myself obsessively.

Since I'm trying to find balance as part of my new life, I opted to find that by weighing in at The Healthy Weigh twice a week and call it good. Having the scale there has kept me from obsessing. As nice as she is, I think Letha might kick me out if I stopped by a couple times a day to weigh in ... so ... I don't. Well, she'd either kick me out of give me a strong referral to Glenda for some serious counseling time!

At some point though I'll need to hold my own self accountable to maintain my weight and therefore I'm kinda sorta thinkin' it might be time to maybe sortof start thinking about potentially getting a scale in my home.

Not a talking version though because I still think those things might be evil .. but maybe having something at home wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'm curious though, how do you find balance with the scale? Do you weigh in the mornings? Only certain days?

Anyway, your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.


  1. I weigh every morning and it seems to help me stay focused. I've noticed that if I don't weigh in, I'm not focused. I also have a tendancy to get mad at myself if the scale is up even just slightly. The other thing is that my scale is different than those at the healthy weigh so when I think I'm down, I might actually be up. Just things to keep in mind.

  2. I weigh myself every morning. It helps me stay on track and know if I did things the right way the previous day.


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