Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blisters and Workin' Out

So last night I was a bit silly.

We had a work event and I wanted to be cute so I wore my super high heels that are super cute ... but not so super comfy. Really bad decision on my part. I was walking, standing, and running around most of the evening. By the time I did sit down, my feet were swollen and sore. By the time I got home, I had two hefty sized blisters on the bottoms of my feet ... right on the pads of the foot.

Oh joy.

This new development has kinda put a kink in m workout regimen. Madison had us doing quite a bit of aerobic work this week with lots of bouncing, jumping, and flying across the gym. That will not be possible with the blisters placed where they are. Well, ok, so truthfully it might be possible but it would be darn uncomfortable!

So, I'm thinking this might be a forced break for a day or two while my body recoups.

The weird thing about that is that when I'm "forced" to break, I start to kinda worry that I might kinda sorta start slipping in my new found workout routine. Isn't that funny? Probably the very fact that I'm worried about it means that it won't be a slip. It just means I'm taking care of myself. Allowing my body to heal. And just goin' with the flow.

Our brains sure work over time to sabotage us though!

Today I'm working to silence my fears, have faith in myself and my body, and then just keep chuckin' along.

The mantra going through my head today is: "In all things, find balance".

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  1. Blisters are the worst! I feel your pain. I get blisters all the time. It's gotten better as I've lost weight but I still get them.


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