Saturday, May 2, 2009

Water Wonders

Do you ever feel that your eyeballs are swimming?

I feel that way sometimes. I try to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water per day. For those of you keeping score, that's about 105 ounces. And, truthfully, I'm not that much of a water fiend. Every day it's a struggle to get it all down but thankfully it's getting easier!

If I consume that much water consistently, I do notice a difference in the scales. The weight comes off faster, I'm not as hungry, and I find myself having fewer cravings.

I read somewhere (hate it when I can't remember where!) that sometimes when we think we're hungry, it's really just our bodies telling us we need water. So, when I start to get hungry, I reach for the water before reaching for a snack.

Here just a few tricks I've found to help me down this much H2O.

1) Know your bladder! I can't stress this point enough actually. I know it's kinda funny to mention but as you all know, there's nothing worse than really needing to pee ... and not having a rest room anywhere near. That, in and of itself, is enough to keep me from drinking my water! If I'm walking at lunch, I stop drinking around 10:30 so that I'm able to make the four miles without a break. Same goes for trail rides, meetings, and other things. It's all about planning!

2) Add a little flavoring now and then. I have well water at home that is sweet and tasty. I can down that water in one gulp! On the other hand, the water at work is really hard to manage. So I add the zero calorie flavorings from Safeway to my water bottle when at the office. They are cheap and have just enough flavoring to add a little boost without making it too sweet.

3) Get a big water bottle. I don't know about you, but when I'm at work I don't like to keep getting up and filling my water bottle. So, I invested in a really nice 40 oz bottle that I can fill just a couple times. It's also easier to track my total water consumption.

4) Drink warm water. My office is freezing and downing cold water makes me shiver. So on cold days (which hopefully we won't have too many more of), I put luke-warm water in the bottle. It helps warm me from the inside out and it's easier to consume.

5) Use a fancy glass now and then! I have some really nice wine glasses that I used to only pull out when I had company. They now routinely don my dinner table. Somehow, drinking flavored ice water out of a fancy smanshy glass makes me feel so super cool and I drink more of it. Or, how about filling up a special glass, putting in some sliced cucumber (thanks for the tip, Carrie!) and ice and enjoying a bit of sun on the back deck? What a treat, right?

6) Have more than one water bottle. I have one in my house, in the barn, at work, in my gym bag (yeah! Cause I have a gym bag now!!!), and in my horse trailer. They stay in those places for the most part so that I don't have an excuse not to drink my water. The weekends have been the hardest for me as I tend not to have too much of a routine, but with water bottles in all my likely hang outs, it's easier than it used to be to stay on track.

I hope some of these ideas help. Drinking water can be a bit of a hassle but each time I have to go to the rest room I think ... there goes another quarter pound!

It helps ... no really ... it does. :)


  1. Great suggestions for water! It seems that it is the hardest habit to develop and the first one to disappear! Thank you for being a voice for all of us! Everything you write about resonates with anyone on this journey. You are a great inspiration.

  2. Hi,

    I followed your link from the Julie Goodnight site, and am really glad I did.

    I need to lose fifty pounds and man is it hard. I just read your tips about the water, thanks.

    I had to laugh, because I love drinking water from fancy glasses also. Makes it kind of special.

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration,


  3. Hey, Jackie! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

    It is funny how just using a special glass can make that water go down so much easier! But hey, whatever we've gotta do to trick our minds into helping us lose this weight, right? :)

    Good luck on your weight loss path. 50 pounds is possible and you can do it!!!


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