Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Vending Machine Tape"

Here I am on this whole "doin' good path" and then I get a negative self-thought that's something like the following:

"Hey, I worked out today, I could eat an Almond Joy bar."

Yes, I know, what in the world am I thinking?!?!

But those are the kinds of thoughts that creep into my brain, start to play over and over, and if I don't find a way to boot out for good, will take over and sabotage my efforts.

Truthfully, it's a never ending downward spiral when I give into a negative thought.

Say I did eat that Almond Joy. The next couple thoughts would be:

"Well, I already messed up, I might as well go ahead and forget my diet for the rest of the day. I'll start it all over again tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow I'll be good and make up for today. I'll work out twice as hard, eat less, drink water and lose what I'm going to gain today because today I'm going to go ahead and eat that Almond Joy AND pizza!"

And then tomorrow I'd be so depressed that I slipped up the day before that I'd most likely talk myself into slipping up yet again. And so it would go.

The reality is that choosing an Almond Joy bar and pizza as a reward is the exact reason I'm the weight I am and was.

I try to keep that front-of-mind most days but today, after completing a nice four mile walk/jog, my brain is starting to play the "vending machine tape" and truthfully, it's a battle to shut it off.

What's helping is knowing there's a weigh-in today and I really want to make good progress this week. I'm so close to 100 ... just five pounds to go!

Won't hitting 100 pounds be so much more rewarding than an Almond Joy? In the long run, I'll feel so much better about accomplishing something instead of giving in to my negativity.

This is one of the things in this world that I can control. I can turn that tape off. I can drown it, in fact, by consuming large quantities of water so that I couldn't possibly fit one more ounce inside of me and then the Almond Joy will actually not sound as good to my now-rumbling tummy.

I just wish I didn't have to walk by the vending machine to fill up my water bottle.

Sneaky marketing vending machine people ...


  1. You have put a name to it! I love your post and it will help me also fight the "vending machine tape" that goes off everyday about 3pm and then starts the entire ball rolling just as you described!! Thanks Wendy, you gave me a tool to fight it off too!

  2. Fight! Fight! Fight! Or better yet, just turn that sucker off! Letha's CDs are a great thing to pop in to help get the tapes to stop playing.


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