Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lack of Planning on My Part

Turns out the old adage - lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part - isn't true when applied to oneself. Meaning that yes, lack of planning on my part actually does constitute an emergency on my part.

I found this out the hard way today.

Generally I grocery shop on Friday or Saturdays. That's when I plan my meals for the week and get the food necessary to make it through without running out of good stuff. I don't know about you, but when I run out of food in the middle of the week, I'm generally too busy to stop to refill the fridge. So, the temptation to eat badly (DRIVE THRU!) becomes even more of a reality. Since I don't like to face unnecessary temptation, I generally find it best to plan in advance to avoid it.

Admittedly, I didn't plan that well this week and yesterday ran out of veggies, yogurt (THW staple!), apples, and fake breakfast sausage (another staple for my pseudo-veggie food plan). Top this off with having to travel to Beaverton for a computer training - unknown schedule, unknown location, unknown ability to cope ... and ... well ... it was all a disaster in the making.

The urge to splurge was soooo front of mind today.

It haunted me in the lunch room this morning when the spread included bananas, costco muffins (yes, there were POPPY SEED!!!!), and bacon. It tapped on my shoulder when I walked by at lunch and saw the sandwhich spread. And it pounded my head into the wall when I walked by the lunchroom at the afternoon break and whiffed a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie smorgasbord.

I mean, seriously, these people were all here to learn computer stuff ... not stuff their faces! Yet, food was everywhere I turned. The torture!

I'm proud to say that I did manage to pass up all those temptations. I ate eggs instead of my fake sausage for breakfast. Went to the Spicy Pickle and had a turkey salad for lunch and still made it to the gym to meet up with my partner for a torturous workout instead of downing those gooey yummy cookies.

What I missed out on the most today was my snacks that help me make it to meal times. I love having yogurt around 10 am and rice cakes with an apple in the afternoon around 3. Having those two extra "meals" keep me from getting overly hungry and stuffing my face when it actually is mealtime.

So, with an empty belly and weak legs from a stressful workout, I stammered into the grocery store to fill up the cubboards.

Yes, I know, not the best idea. Hungry chubby chic loose in the grocery store!!! So, to stay on plan, I gave myself a budget so that I didn't go overboard and listen to my rumbling tummy.

I made it. I got the necessities, made it home and prepared an awesome chicken salad for dinner.
I do have to be honest though. I did cheat just a smidgy. I had roasted garlic Melba toast snacks with dinner which puts me one starch over for the day.

I'm over it though and won't be beating myself up for "going off plan" given the other temptations I was faced with today.

The reality is that I won huge battles because I was totally outside of my routine and element and was still - for the most part - was able to stay on plan and make healthy choices.

I also learned a valuable lesson.

Plan. Plan. And then plan again.

Food emergencies aren't fun.


  1. Great words Wendy, and good for you, that you stopped at the store even though you were beat up! I've always found it so interesting that I could stop off at the store for my son on the way home from work no matter HOW tired I was..but it was always harder to stop for me.I've been working on that...loving me as much as I love my son.

  2. It's an incredible thing you do here sharing your life with us. I find such strengh and courage and so enjoy your sense of humor!! I just want to say I am grateful for your courage and gift for writing!! I will pass the vending maching giving it a big o rassspberry on the way by. My mantra when facing a vending machine is... no good can come of this!! I am stronger for reading your blogs! Thanks much!

  3. I love it, as I read my eyes got bigger and bigger thinking of all the obsticles ( gooey yummies) you over came. I was visualizing myself in the same situation and I am so proud of you. Once again my friend, you inspire me

  4. You guys are great! I'm so glad that you're finding my journey helpful.

    I like the idea of saying "no good will come of this". That's SOOOO True! It's amazing how one little candy bar has such potential to put you (me really) into a complete downward spiral. Crazy what our minds do to us!

    And Letha, I think we're all working on that too so it's nice to know we're all in such awesome company as we go down that path! :)

    Darc, you're inpsiring me too. I love your updates .. I need to update my collage too!!!!

  5. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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