Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Just Me, Being Me

I love that people are coming to this blog and finding inspiration. That, in and of itself, is inspiring to me. I hope you all know, you're helping hold me accountable to accomplish this goal!

On the other hand, I feel quite humbled by the fact that so many people are coming here and not only finding out a bit about me ... but a bit about themselves too.

I need to be honest here. I'm just me ... I'm not a super special weight loss person. I'm not an expert. I'm not anything more or less than what you are as you face this same challenge.

I'm not losing this weight for any other reason than that I made a committment to do it and was blessed enough to have the tools around to help me do it.

In fact, I think at one point when I was feeling really "down" and unable to continue, Nancy wrote on my journal "I have the tools I need to be successful". What a relief that was to me! I still repeat it to myself occassionaly because I think it's so important to know that we're not alone and that there are resources ready and able to support us.

Anyway, the good news about all of this is that this means anyone ~ and I do mean ANYONE ~ can do the same if they set their minds to it!

I walked into The Healthy Weigh thinking of all the other diet plans I'd started and failed. How I couldn't seem to muster the engery to start just one more. And how surely, since I was a failure in all things weight related, that I would fail this too. My mind was sabotaging my efforts before I even started!

Nice, huh?

But somehow, I pushed through. Now that I'm standing on the edge of 100, the only thing I can think is WOW! Look how far we've come baby!

Make a decision.

Cut yourself off from any other possibility.

And make it happen.

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