Thursday, April 23, 2009

100 Pound Reward ~ Ideas Please?

Ok, people.

I'm on the precipice of losing 100 pounds and I need a major reward to mark the occasion.

I've toyed around with a shopping trip to Seattle but I'm not sure I want to buy clothes as I still want to lose another 50 pounds ... that seems kind of counterproductive for some reason. I would be better off doing something to motivate me to continue down the weight loss path.

So, I need ideas, thoughts, suggestions, opinions ... help!

This needs to be manageable financially (no more than $250 ... this girl lives on a budget!) and yet something out of the ordinary.



  1. Congratulations! Your weight loss is fanastic! I usually am not an idea person but what about a special piece of jewelry you could wear everyday. When you look at it you would be reminded of how far you have come and that the finish is so close. (My sister and I have rings we wear and whenever we look at the rings we pray for each other.)Just an idea... =)
    Your fellow "Loser"
    Cheryl R.

  2. Maybe jewelry or sexy shoes to match the "reward" outfit you will eventually buy.

    However one of my favorites are visiting either Elements Day spa here in Vancouver - specifically the Botanical Bath treatment ($55) or taking a day trip up to Bonneville Hot springs. I highly recommend taking a girlfriend or two with you! In the days when I used to afford it, I actually did spa treatments there....but as of recent when having to watch the budget thanks to the economy, I discovered a valuable little secret. You can go up to Bonneville and purchase a daypass to the pool/sauna/hot tubs for $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! I've done it twice in the last 3 weeks and had some amazing memorable times with the gals I took with me!

    Personally, my "100lb" reward is the trip to Hawaii that I will be taking in 2 weeks. Sadly, I booked the trip months ago assuming I would be done with weightloss...but am human and made some blunders and currently stand just a hair shy of that 100lb mark....but it doesn't mean that I was going to cancel the trip with my sister. We have a LOT to celebrate in what we've done so far. However, I am sorry to say that it costs much more than $250! Thankfully we've been saving for it for over a year!
    Whatever you choose, make it something that personally brings YOU joy ... because sister, you've got something huge to celebrate and you better be lovin' every minute of it. I am so proud of you!

  3. Hi Wendy - WOW! You are looking great! I am motivated to lose weight when I am planning a vacation or meeting an old highschool buddy. So for $250, I would suggest getting in contact with an old friend and take a weekend vacation to visit and catch up. It's always nice to meet up with an old friend and they say how great you look. Talk about feeling good about yourself and all the hard work you have put into it.
    Again, I can't say it enough, you are looking great!

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments! The trip idea is great but I think I need to reserve that one for the finale! And Hawaii???? Wow! That would be amazing. What a great gift to give yourself for pushing through! Meeting up with a buddy for a weekend adventure would be great too ... my friend Holly and I were just talking about that actually. It would be good to get out of town and celebrate.

    The jewelry idea was inspiring too. But did you mean that could actually buy myself jewelry? :) Don't know why that's a novel concept to me, but it for some reason it is! I love it! I read your comment and a little light bulb went off in my head. It would really be a great reminder, each time I put that on, of just how far I've come. Thanks, Cheryl! I think that idea is a keeper.

  5. I really like the jewelry idea. You could do a small charm either on a necklace or a bracelet and simply have engraved on it the initials or a word for something that is important to you about that goal. And then add another one when you reach the next goal. Maybe the number of pounds you lost. It would be a reminder of how much you've accomplished!! How hard you worked every minute of every day.

  6. Ohhhh, I like the idea of the word on the jewlery! I could put my word for the year on there ~ Secure. Adding the number of pounds would be good too.

    Talk about a constant reminder of the accomplishment and the promise to myself to keep it off!


  7. A promise ring.... promising yourself never to regain your weight ! Thats what I am going to do


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